Favourite TV Themes 1972-74

Of course TV themes have always been semi-popular with the music-buying public, but I particularly like the collections from this period. None of them are by original artists, instead the themes are recreated (to varying levels of success) by various orchestrators, most notably Jeff Love. In an era of dodgy Top Of The Pops compilations, it seems that cheap cover versions were rife, and tolerated by the public, throughout all areas of the industry.  But even though they are not the original versions, they still provide a useful record of the types of TV programmes that were popular at the time, with forgotten shows like Van Der Valk and The Onedin Line being regular fixtures.

It’s the sleeve illustrations that make these artifacts particularly attractive now. Whilst they all follow the same basic principle, each artist brings his own distinct style, always full of detail, but well composed and easy on the eye.  No photo-shopping here!

These were mainly released by Music For Pleasure, which seemed to be the dominate label in the crowded budget record market. A firm favourite with housewives throughout the land, no doubt.

Your Top TV Themes
Illustration by David Smee (p) 1972 Music For Pleasure Ltd
Children's TV Themes
Illustration by uncredited artist (p) 1972 Contour Records
Your Favourite TV Themes
Sleeve design & illustration by Geoff Hocking (p) 1973 Music For Pleasure Ltd
TV Times - Your Top TV Themes
Illustration and sleeve design by Barry Elphick (p) 1974 EMI Records
Your Favourite TV Themes
Illustration by uncredited artist (p) 1974 Windmill Records

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  1. that art is bad…. heh… it looks like my kids did the colouring….

  2. that naive, almost childlike art is part of the appeal for me. you just don’t see that stylistic approach anymore.

  3. Around the same time I picked up the excellent Televisions’s Greatest Hits, a compendium of mostly (but oddly, not all) original US TV show theme music; two LPs divided thematically, in the main (cartoons [largely Hannah-Barberra]), sitcoms, etc.).

    The label, incidentally, is TVT, who I believe found a second life in the 90s releasing popular, crappy records by Trent Resnor.

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