Rick’s Record


Rick bought the record shortly after it was released in 1980. He bought it because (a) it was only £1.99 in a promotional ‘price blitz’ and (b) because the sixties music reminded him of some good times he had in his teens. Rick loved the record so much he wrote his name on it three times to make absolutely clear to anyone who might think about ‘borrowing’ it that the record was HIS and HIS ALONE!

Well, the years went by, Rick got married, bought a house and one of those new fangled CD players. The record ended up in the attic for years. Then, tragically, Rick died in a freak yachting accident. Eventually his grieving widow got around to clearing all his old junk out of the house, and dumped most of it outside the local CLIC Sargent charity shop. The record sat in a box with a bunch of other records in a dark corner at the back of the shop for several weeks until Yours Truly came snooping. And so, in conclusion, I’d like to give thanks to Rick’s widow for not sending Rick’s record to the landfill and to engineer Gary Moore at Polygram Studios, London for doing a pretty decent mastering job on this budget compilation from Polystar Records.

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  1. Worth it for the Dave,Dee,Dozy, Beaky,Mickand Titch alone – ‘Bend It’ I presume ?

    Tasty stuff !!

  2. nope – ‘Legend Of Xanadu’!

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