Practical Electronics Oct 1967 Flexi-Disc

Electronic Sounds and Effects for Electronic Music (Judd)

An amazing demonstration disc of the basic sounds of electronic sources circa 1967 – pure sine/square/pulse tones at various throbbing cycles … unfiltered white noise – ring-modulation of sine waves – electronically controlled attack/delay/reverb/echo – mechanical spring-line reverberation, echo by means of mag-tape feedback, reversed-echo weirdness – and some uber-cool experiments using tape-loops – that with a suitable back-beat would not be amiss in any minimal-tech night …

All this put together by a certain F.C. Judd …

A complete scan of the whole of the October 1967 Practical electronics issue written by F.C. Judd can be grabbed here.

The added beauty of this disc is that I found it for free – stuck inside a disc of bird song recording – more of which will be posted real real soon … !

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  1. now that is fabulous! i have a few of Mr. Judd’s sound fx 7 inchers. i believe he wrote a few books on the subject of practical electronics/wireless too. Something of a forgotten pioneer of british electronic music…

  2. ps. love the shot of old Fred with the fag dangling out of his mouth.

  3. […] F.C Judd – Electronic Sounds and Effects for Electronic Music 2. Jimi Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner (Live in LA 1970) 3. Fausto Papetti – Meeting 4. […]

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