Stereo – Space Odyssey


<<<<<< SPATIAL STEREO >>>>>>>
The London Philharmonic Orchestra with Pipe Organ and Electronic Synthesizer Effects.

Love the Pipe Organ bit – no idea where that pops into this – but the synth is all over with squelchy throbbing white noise stuff – on top of a pretty standard interpretation of the old ‘space’ classics by the London Philharmonic Orchestra…

A snip for 20 new-pence in Taunton yesterday afternoon – bought 2 space-themed discs yesterday – the other will be reviewed very soon when I work out how best to scan the many-many pages !!

Anyway – if you only had an mp3 of this you too could (as stated on the reverse of the sleeve) – “Take an audio trip into space”…

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  1. i am also a proud owner of this one

  2. Like minds it would seem !! Or perhaps a west-country second-hand shop thing !!

  3. used to have this album in 19 73 And sold it in a car boot , had copied it to MP3 But now I lost the file. Where can i down load it.

  4. no idea about a downloads -but you can find it quite often in the charity shops !!

  5. I’ve had this album since ’73 (purchased in Woolworth’s, if memory serves). It’s something of an old friend, and it’s seen a bit of wear over the years (though most of the wear was probably in ’73!). I’ve occassionally wondered about getting a copy in better condition, and near mint copies are easy to get hold of via the sellers on

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