Mounting Excitement!!


I am a sucker for K-Tel compilations. This one includes Jona Lewie‘s synth ditty ‘You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties’ and Sue Wilkinson‘s ‘You Gotta Be A Hustler If You Wanna Get On’ which I remember was on heavy-rotation on the radio back in the day, but you never ever hear it anymore. That’s what I love about these compilations: they reintroduce you to those pop nuggets that you,  the world, and even Spotify forgot about. Plus I like the way that a bunch of disparate tracks get bundled together purely because they all happened to enter the Top 40 in a certain time period, resulting in a more pungent invocation of the tastes and textures of the era than any individual 7″ single could. The only drawback being of course that they cram so many tracks onto the records that they usually lack volume and punch, and the tracks are often faded-out early to conserve space, though this can sometimes be a blessing.

Maybe in 30 years’ time I’ll get the same kick out of Now That What I Call Music compilation CDs, but somehow I doubt it…

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  1. Man – some heavy-posting today … got ta get scanning to keep up !!

  2. don’t panic mate, i’ll probably retreat into an interminable silence after this lot, then you can run the show for a while 😉

  3. nah – keep em coming please – never really collected much on K-Tel – but have a few Arcade stacked on the shelves – mostly early 70s – bought purely for the T-Rex and Sweet content !!

  4. […] House Crew – We Are Hardcore 17. Steven Smith & Father – The Third Man Theme 18. Sue Wilkinson – You Gotta Be A Hustler If You Wanna Get On 19. The Islanders – Lie Stone Dead in the Market 20. BWD Productions – Johnny Reggae […]

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