Go Bossa


We all know about the youth culture of early ’70s Britain. We know about the hippies and the prog-rockers. We know about the glam rockers, the northern soulsters and the skinheads too. But what do we know about their slightly older, aspirational, middle class brothers and sisters?

What do we know about Man At C&A and his missus? Their fashions and music have been simply airbrushed out of the official history books. The only evidence they ever existed can be found on the vinyl relics that cluster in darkened corners of charity shops.

Well here they are in 1971, still happily shaking their rumps to the easy-grooves of the previous dacade’s Bossa Nova craze in their cosy suburban semi-detached, seemingly oblivious to the impending doom of strikes, blackouts, 3-day weeks, rampant inflation, escalating violence and terrorism.  Mrs.C&A also seems remarkably unconcerned that her flighty younger sister has had a baby out of wedlock (see previous post), lost in the rapture of this Music For Pleasure.

Hopefully we’ll catch-up with their activities in subsequent posts…

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  1. Man – how they partied in the 70s – those MFP swinger parties are legendary – stick on a couple of badly recorded Beatles numbers – open a half-bottle of Blue Nun – and out pops another baby – seem to remember my childhood nights sitting on the stairs watching me them downstairs being exactly like that ….!!

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