Hammond In Orbit


It’s 1969, baby, and the biggest event of the year (other than my birth) was of course the moon landings. Mankind got a collective shiver when the first pictures of our own fragile little planet, as seen from the moon, suspended in the depths of space, came beaming back. The so-called ‘Space Age’ had hit it’s peak of cultural impact.

Which might explain why neither poor old George Blackmore, nor his Hammond X77 feature on the sleeve of this record, which promises (and yet somehow fails to deliver) ‘sounds for easy listening in the Space Age!’ Though admittedly, I was rather taken by George’s latin-flavoured rendition of “Fly Me Too The Moon”.

According to the sleeve notes, George  was “an organist whose distinctive style will be immediately recognised by the thousands of people who’ve met him at Hammond Organ Concerts throughout England and the Continent”. Okay, fair enough, but if he was so distinguished in his field, how come the only George Blackmore on wikipedia is a cricketer?  And who were these ‘thousands of people’ who were checking his concerts instead of losing their minds to the sounds of Bob Dylan and Blodwyn Pig at that year’s Isle Of Wight festival?

Once again, one is left with the lingering suspicion that  a significant proportion of the British public have been seriously under-represented in the official history of post-war popular culture.

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