Jimi Hendrix – Live in L.A. April 1970 (Bread and Circus Records)


A rather strange find this one – just shows what sort of rarities can pop up when sifting through tiny charity shops in rural locations – this one is curtesy of the one in my home village – a nice little thatched affair – called – um – well ‘Little Thatch’ (natch ….) !! 

Anyhow – back to the plastic – this is a 7 inch bootleg of a performance by Hendrix back in 1970 – found amongst a pile of rock records – and bought for a quid a couple of years back…. A nice little find this one for sure – not too sure if the tracks have been released anywhere else – my copy is a tad scratched but plays fine – no idea who in our village of crinklies unearthed this one and decided to offload it for nout – but thanks for that – a total treasure find for a saddo-Hendrix collector – these are sides 4a/4b – so I guess there must be more fomr the same gig out there somewhere ??

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  1. ever considered chucking it on e-bay and paying off the mortgage with the proceeds.?

  2. was looking around for these today – seems they were put out as 4 t inchers – covering most of the gig – may well indeed flog this me thinks ..

  3. Hi
    Recorded at the Forum Los Angeles April 25th 1970 one track missing from the concert on the 4 x 7″ to make it all fit. But bootlegged many times since.
    Original sale price in 1972 was £3 which was half my weekly salary then. Now very very hard to find, so well done you have been lucky. Pity its not all 4 of the singles as you could then demand basically what you want.
    Not the original white covers though with very very bad photocopies inserts.

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  5. Hi there

    Only just seen this thread so not sure if anyone will respond but I have the the first three in this series. Had them for about 30 years.

    • I have had the fourth record in the set since the early 70’s. Bread and Circus label. It does have a scratch mark on side 4a but I have not played it for many years. It has the white cardboard cover with 4 grainy pics of Jimi. Will check it out as soon as our deck amp is replaced.

  6. Hi Andy ..

    Looks like between us we have a complete set !! Lovely little things for sure – not sure if they have ever had a release else where though ? Where did you get yours from ?

  7. My sister’s boyfriend’s Dad had a heavy rock disco and when he packed up he sold off all his singles. I think I paid 10p each for them. I never realised there were four in the set until today. I do remember searching through the piles and piles of singles he had to see if there were any more but they were all he had. I wasn’t into Jimi Hendrix at the time but I just thought they were interesting. I’ve seen a post elsewhere that shows the sleeves but mine just has the old standard plain cardboard sleeves.

  8. Excellent stuff – 10p each even 30 years back is a bargain for sure – heavy rock discos back in the day were great – go to admit to having spent my youth in such spaces !! Looks like between us we have a pretty rare complete set !! The fact I have number 4 and you have the first 3 makes you wonder if they were once related !! I’m in Somerset – where abouts did your discs come from ?

  9. I’m in Mansfield Nottinghamshire. I used to spend every Friday at a heavy rock disco. That was where I first heard the Ramones, I can still remember it, happy days.

    I also brought the Iron Maiden Soundhouse Tapes single when they played Mansfield’s Civic Theatre. That cost me about 25p. I’ve only ever played it twice, that’s worth a bob or two now too.

  10. I’m moving to a smaller house and hence cleaning up my stuff.
    I found the four singles in my collection, checked it out on the internet and found this site.
    I really can’t recall how I did get them but I do know how the next owner will get them 🙂 because I’ve decided to sell them through catawiki.com
    I have to hear back from the auction master when it will be auctioned, so if anyone here is still interested, keep an eye on the catawiki site the coming days/weeks.

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