Bedlam –


Bought from the same ‘Little Thatch’ charity shop as the previously posted Hendrix 7 inch bootleg – and chances are from the same heavy-metal-donator ….   On searching the web – along with the afore-mentioned single – this one also seems quite a rarity and to be honest should be sold …

As you can see from the cover – this is not your subtle bossa-nova/swing disk we have in front of us – nope sir-…   this is a good old fashioned – down the pub in your greased up jeans – hair hanging lanky down your back – – thumbs in belt – jock-rockin-blues …   to be honest this ain’t my cup-of-tea – but heck – what do I know – back when this was being put together – I were a nipper – deeply into Bolan – with a side-project interest in Deep Purple (this lot are nothing like either of them at all …) ..

So who the bloody hell are these damn oiks – well I bought due to the drummer being none other than mr-dance-with-the-devil himself – Cozy Powell …  got that 7 inch in the rack also – bloody excellent stuff or what – any hows the rest of them seem to form some kind of pub-rock-heavy-blues supa-group …  they only seem to have managed to hold it together for a couple of years – this has been on the shelf here for a year of two – been playing it loads this past week to a very very mixed reaction – I think they all prefer the Romantic Sax (but what the frig do the family know about RAWK ?? ) …



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  1. crikey, that looks utterly ghastly!

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