Heavenly Hardcore


The thing I like about these old hardcore/rave collections is the way they give me instant access to a clutch of tunes that I would’ve been far too snobbish to buy at the time. Rozalla was house music for plebs, yet inevitably her ubiquitous presence permeates through my memories of that period of my early-20s and all the fun and excitement that it entailed, particularly in 1991, when most of these tracks were originally released. 1992 was a very different matter though, as I spent a large proportion of that year helplessly watching my dad slowly dying of cancer (he passed away in November that year), which understandably coloured my mood for the remaining first half of the nineties.

Another interesting point about rave collections from this period is the way they ignore the potential stylistic divisions that demarcate the landscape of club music today. So we have straight-ahead vocal house from Kym Syms happily co-existing with more underground acts like Wishdokta and Shut Up And Dance, and British acts rubbing shoulders with Belgians and Germans – future Basic Channel star Moritz Von Oswald appears in his earlier Marathon guise, remixed by Joey Negro!

A testament to the innocence and unity of the early years of Rave? Or a cynical cash-in by clueless record company scum? Probably the latter but, for me at least, the function of this record has changed.

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