The Deep Purple Singles A’s & B’s …. (Harvest SHSM 2026)


Deep Purple - Singles..

Deep Purple - Singles..

It’s Deep Purple – no need for description hopefully – it rocks ..  Capturing all the early 7 inchers on one nice 12 inch slab …  Documenting the band evolving from the late-60s-psychedelic beginnings – to the no-nonsense-blues-based classics of the mid-70s..

I have alwys dug these dudes – having got caught smuggling ‘Made in Japan’ into the house when it first came out – the first double LP I ever picked up – and at £4.50 – a big investment back in the day …

Only ever bought that and also Machine Head (on cassette) – this gives a good documentary into those long lost Harvest 7 inch discs from a band not really suited to the 4 minute pop song ..

A happy little find – and the cover of a gun-toting-puple-suited-gal – in front of a purple-pool is an interesting addition …  

If you see it – grab it (and not on some dodgy crap CD-remaster…. please!! ) …


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  1. haha – hairy, unwashed 60s rock, sheathed in a sleeve that screams 80s glamour & sophistication.

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