Rock Anthems I & II


Those vivid Rawk Music invocations from my erstwhile colleague have had the desired effect – I need a drop of the heavy stuff, so I reach for my K-Tel Rock Anthems collections…

The ultimate thrifty acquisitions: I got these for free from my dear old mother, who bought them from new back in ’85. After her last turntable went tits-up, mum’s small collection of vinyl was gathering dust until I generously offered to take them off her hands, under the proviso that I make cd-r copies of her favourite tunes (so not really free, then – more like accepted in lieu of services rendered).

These two double-album compilations make a pretty good go of covering all the major acts and anthems – so we have Argent‘s “Hold Your Head Up”, Deep Purple‘s “Hush“, Black Sabbath‘s “Paranoid“, Blue Oyster Cult‘s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”, Hawkwind‘s “Silver Machine” etc fact the only glaring omission would be Led Zeppelin (who probably refused to allow their music to appear on some shitty budget label, miserable bastards).

Looking somewhat out of place, but certainly most welcome, are Dr. Feelgood, with their pub-rock anthem “Milk & Alcohol”. But perhaps the most unusual inclusion must be “White Light, White Heat” by The Velvet Underground, a group who had yet to be fully acknowledged in the mainstream at that time. K-Tel definitely ahead of the curve on that one.

Nice gatefolds too…


Okay, I’m gonna go play these platters really loud and get down to some serious air-guitar action for the rest of the evening (or at least until the kids’ bedtime) then it’s back to the mirror balls tomorrow…

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  1. This sounds like my sort of compilation – got the whiole lot on there fore sure – and any comp that mixes Hawkwind and VU in the same stream must be a winner … Nice one !!

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