The Ray Conniff HI-FI Companion

The Ray Conniff HI-FI Companion

What a cover – love the totally full-on colour of this print – everything is just right – and the look she gives – man you would never really guess that this is a smulchy double-LP of orchestral-chorus compositions that (according to the sleeve-notes) “recreate the essance of popular music” – well at leastthat must have been the case circa-1950 …

Does not really matter what is inside – when the sleeve is so damn nice however ..!

And just take a look at old Ray on the back – total dude (“one of the foremost conductor-arranges of our time, dynamic …”  – there you have it …

The Ray Conniff HI-FI Companion

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  1. the eyes have it (both his and hers).

    and i never thought opaque red tights could look that sexy…

  2. I know what a look those 2 have …. and you know what – been playing this all morning to the family here at the breakfast table – and we are total converts …. lovely stuff !!

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