Geoff Love’s Big Disco Sound


It was Punk that killed-off prog rock, but it was Disco that trampled the whole easy-listening market into the dust. Seemingly overnight, the mellow jazz-based grooves of Bossa, Tijuana et al had their throats cut as the new dance sound invaded the homes of middle england.

Geoff Love (along with his paymasters at MFP) was quick to make the adjustment, ditching the tired old orchestral format and assembling his Big Disco Sound (basically the same orchestral format, but with added kick-drum punch,  hi-hat sizzle, clavinet clout and sporadic synthesizer fartiness)  taking his loyal audience on a new groove odyssey that would last until some fucker re-discovered pan pipes in the following decade.  And who am I to argue? The merits of Geoff Love’s vision of disco, as opposed to, say, Chic‘s, is purely a matter of personal perspective.

The best thing about this album is Geoff’s version of Steely Dan‘s “FM (No Static At All)”, which, devoid of vocals, exposes the beautiful harmonic engine that made the original so special, and makes me realise I desperately need to get more Steely Dan in my life, right now..

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