Hot Hits – Round 8



This sleeve is either defaced/ruined or unique/personalised, depending on your opinion. I prefer the latter view.  I like to imagine those biro doodles were inflicted by a bored teenager sometime in the early seventies on a wet, miserable weekend. Deprived of internet access, mobile phone, Playstation/Wii, DVD player or any of the other wonderful technological devices that keep the youth of today entertained, and with the telly showing nothing but testcards due to industrial strike action, our young heroine (we’ll call her ‘Mabel’) is listening to this tragi-comic selection of cut-price cover versions on her portable turntable, listlessly sketching fishnet tights onto the delectable pins of the blond beauty staring mockingly back at her from the sleeve.

Yeah, that’s a reality I can believe in.

But I must stress that Mabel did not draw the nipples on the green vest, they really are sticking out that much.

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  1. Oh how they filled time back in the day – unless – that is indeed Mabel – and those scribbles some sort of tribal signature – leaving a message of misunderstood depth regarding the lot of the struggling model …. Oh the torment of being forced to play the part of a punch-drunk-boxer – in figure hugging green – how they suffered for their art !!

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