Cocktails and Piano – Derek Cox and his Trio (volume 2).

Cocktails and Piano - Derek Cox and his Trio

“It’s time to settle down with a quiet drink alone, or with friends for dinner and conversation.  The mood is lazy, even romantic.  Hardly the setting for upright music.  It’s time for the easy-flowing piano of Derek Cox and his relaxed group.  Familiar melodies with that nice and lazy atmosphere – perfect for unobtrusive fare for cocktails and conversation.”

Nothing like a quiet Tequila Sunrise – feeling so smooth, looking so relaxed – wanting nothing more that to recline in an alcohol induced slumber – BUT WAIT – who the heck is that over there staring at me – and pleese – why oh why is he making that sound from that wooden thing – “OI – Derek – sling your hook man – you are bringing me down !! ” – mind you that version of Something – really is sooooo sooothing – and the warm-fuzzy-feeling from this 4th cocktail is starting to make me feel all yummy yummy – mmmmm – nice !! 

A classic of easy listening on the always reliable budget ‘Stereo Gold Award’ label.  kicking stuff ….

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  1. ahh yes i’ve had a few run-ins with Stereo Gold Award label…pure audio valium…never attempt to listen to this stuff when driving – you’re liable to drift onto the hard shoulder. what year’s this one? that lass looks quite classy, must be heading towards the late 70s?

  2. 1978 no less you old pop-picker ..

    And, unless I’m mistaken – is that not indeed Mabel from the previous post ?

  3. […] 1. F.C Judd – Electronic Sounds and Effects for Electronic Music 2. Jimi Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner (Live in LA 1970) 3. Fausto Papetti – Meeting 4. Victor C. Lewis. – Bird Recognition (An Aural Index) 5. Klaus Wunderlich – Canari-Cha-Cha 6. Anarchic System – Popcorn 7. Sylvia – Pussycat 8. The Glitter Band – Angel Face 9. Jack Larson – I Love The Way She Laughs 10. Bedlam – The Beast 11. Abdul-Karim Al-Azawi – Tabl Improvisation 12. George Blackmore – Fly Me To The Moon 13. Geoff Love – Space Patrol 14. Cameron – Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 15. Unknown – Born to be Wild 16. House Crew – We Are Hardcore 17. Steven Smith & Father – The Third Man Theme 18. Sue Wilkinson – You Gotta Be A Hustler If You Wanna Get On 19. The Islanders – Lie Stone Dead in the Market 20. BWD Productions – Johnny Reggae 21. Los 3 Sudamericanos – El Funeral Del Labrador 22. Surprise Sisters – La Booga Rooga 23. Danny Hodgson – All Of Me 24. Tony Back – Star Wars 25. Space DJs – Celestial Funk 26. Alan Haven – In The Still Of The Night 27. Rose Murphy – I Can’t Give You Anything But Love 28. Claude Denjean – Come Together 29. Derek Cox and his Trio – Something […]

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