Come to our Surprise Party – The Swingin’ Sounds of the Gate Crashers

Come to our Surprise Party

No idea how this got made – or what it is – cost me 25 pence in Taunton last week – sounds so goddam cheesy it kicks – is a mix of awfully played middle-of-the-road-stuff -each track mixed into the next via some party-drunken-cheering-bobbing party sounds …  and the cover – lets face it – mid 70s – you are having a boogie to T-Rex – lights are low – vibe is rockin – cheap beer a poppin – and this lot of Gate Crashers turn up – armed with nothing more than a cheesy-organ and a backup group of semi-naked-chicks …  what the frig do you do …    ??  

Luckily  I am too young to have had to deal with this possible early-70s occurrence – must have been bleedin stressful – in fact so stressful is this projection – I feel the need to spin up the Gate Crashers for a major-organ-chill-out-fix … mmm – better …

Another Stereo Gold Award classic …

Come to our Surprise Party

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  1. ‘uncategorised’ – lol!

  2. Does the licence plate indicate the year of issue–or something a little more outre?

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