Travelling Man OST


I have a thing about telly-related records, but I was particularly attracted to this one because it was from a long-forgotten series that I used to watch religiously with my dad every week. I can’t really remember what it was about, other than being a drama involving canal boats, starring Leigh Lawson. The music screams ‘mid-eighties’, with Linn drums, Fairlights, synthesised pan-pipes etc, though the overall quality of the writing and arrangments, dominated by spanish guitar, is still very listenable and actually quite soothing on a drab Wednesday afternoon. But the photo of composer/performers Duncan Browne and Sebastian Graham-Jones reveals that it wasn’t just the sounds that screamed ‘mid-80s’…


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  1. I have seen some old Eastenders discs recently – took me back to a time I had thought I did not remember – but on seeing the images – totally recalled – did not get it – as I knew it would never be played – got to save shelf space sometimes !

    Old Duncan – on your one – playing the Roland Guitar Synthesiser sounds interesting though !

  2. wow…who would’ve thought that eastenders could produce such a complete instantaneous memory trigger. travelling man poses more questions than it answers…shadowy…indistinct…a vague aroma of something tasted long ago…

  3. vague indeed, a misty memory of a 14 yr old……..Berceuse rocks my cradle

    Fits nicely after being boiled by the human league

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