Norrie Paramor’s Shadows In Latin


The Shadows were a firm favourite of mine as a youngster…I still remember how I’d get a funny tingling sensation of excitement listening to my parents’ 7″ of “Apache”. On my 7th Birthday, I was given The Shadows 20 Golden Greats – the first record I ever called my own, and of course I still have it on the shelves here somewhere.

Just the idea of a latin tribute to The Shads sounds cool, but then one day I walk into a charity shop and discover that there really was such a thing – naturally I snapped it up. The fact that the whole thing was put together by Norrie Paramor (The Shads’ recording manager) gives the whole project a certain prestige, and two of the songs featured here, including “Frightened City”, were written by him in the first place.

Paramor covers many established classics from the Shads’¬†repertoire, including the aforementioned “Apache”, plus “F.B.I”, “Foot Tapper” and “Shindig”, but also tackles several less well-known b-sides, translating them into the various latin styles popular at the time, which isn’t such a great leap as many of the original arrangements had quite an exotic flavour in the rhythm department anyway. The main difference of course is the absence of Hank Marvin’s distinctive electric twang, replaced by an arsenal of brass, woodwind, organ…and is that tubular bells I hear on “Apache”? Nice!

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