Average White Band – Warmer Communications


I only really knew A.W.B. for their hit “Let’s Go Round Again”, so was quite chuffed to come across their 1978 album “Warmer Communicatons” last week. It’s a bloody good listen, too…even if it’s basically just a more commercial sounding Funkadelic rip-off made by bearded Scottish whities. Apart from drummer Steve Ferrone, of course. This clean-cut black hunk is trying his best to look relaxed in the photo, but if I was him I’d be a bit nervous surrounded by that lot with nothing but a white towel to protect his modesty, especially as guitarist Onnie McIntyre is getting all touchy-feely…


I can’t actually work-out who this sleeve is meant to appeal to…men? women? gay? straight? the average white? hydro-eroticists? Everybody?!?

My interpretation of the scenario is that there are two women, both with lesbian tendencies (notice how one is passing the soap to the other in the main photo), but they’re using the photo of A.W.B. as an aid to mutual masturbation. Or maybe I’m just a sick fuck with an over-active imagination. But this is afterall the band who incorporated a woman’s arse into their logo, so we can assume they were a filthy bunch o’ wankers themselves!

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  1. The AWB album (aka the White Album) is the one to get. It includes the massive “Pick Up the Pieces” instrumental, but every song is a gem. The follow up, Cut the Cake, was, ahem, pale in comparison; perhaps as they’d lost their original, brilliant drummer, Robbie McIntosh, to a heroin overdose.

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  4. I just figured out that the title alludes punningly to the multi-label media conglomerate responsible for the Lp: Warner Communications.

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