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The art of ‘cheesecake’ sleeve design has been well documented elsewhere. For a good introduction with plenty of further links, check this post at Retrospace. We’ve already featured a few here, and I’m sure there will be many more in the future, but for now here’s a further handful I pulled off my shelves that I haven’t seen anywhere else online (although I’m sure they’re already out there somewhere!) – just a small personal tribute to this particular niche area of retro-kitch nonsense, and also a tribute to those gallant ladies who laid their dignity on the line back in the day…






…and finally an all-time favourite – not just one, but six scantily-clad beauties, posing for this collection from the BBC’s occasional ‘Best Of Top Of The Pops’ series.  This is not a photo of Pan’s People – they were from an earlier time. Actually, I think it’s Legs & Co.,  the dance-troupe who succeeded them in the late-70s. Not as hot as Hot Gossip, but I seem to recall they were very watchable at the time.


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  1. Man – the glint in her eye on that ‘Hit Box International’ platter along with the track listing – woo – what a disk – and any cover band having a go at Whole Lot of Love – has always got my vote … nice post ..

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