The Bitch OST


Following on from an earlier post, this week I came across yet another soundtrack to a Jackie Collins film, in fact this one is the follow-up to The Stud, and features sister Joan in her prime, returning as lead character Fontaine Khalid. The soundtrack is almost uniformly excellent, title track written by ’70s disco legend Biddu (more on whom another day) with special mention for Quantum Jump‘s highly irreverent tribute to “The Lone Ranger”, which I hadn’t heard for years, and I’m pleased to report that time has not diminished it’s unique flavour.

Back in 1979, this record cost £4.99 in Woolworths. Mine for £1.00 from CLIC Sargent in 2009. Huzzah!

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  1. Hi friend, great find…I am into vinyl remastering and then I post the work on my blog come over and check out my Expanded edition to the other film THE STUD.
    Anyway I desperately need a good digital copy of The Bitch which you seem to have…Is there anyway I could possibly get a copy in no less than 320mp3 ??? I am in the process of making also an expanded edition of this OST, however my copy was used as an ashtray and it is almost beyond repair on certain tracks. If at all possible let me know.
    I would be posting the completed expanded on my blog for download…Or if it suits you best I could possibly exchange it for another album ? Thanks a lot and have a great day.

    • Hi Paul, the guy who wrote the Bitch piece no longer “works” for Thrifty Vinyl, so I’m not sure I can help you. I’ll try and contact him, but I’m almost positive his copy will not have been digitized.

      • DARN !! That is indeed sad news…will have to go ahead with what I have which is sub-par at best.
        If you do contact the guy please let me know since I am going to post my expanded edition on my blog with bonus extended versions where applicable…those are in great shape, it is the album versions which are shit.
        Anything you can do to track it down is deeply appreciated mate…Take care.

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