Black Power Goes Funky Vol. 1

Black Power Goes Funky

Man-o-man what a slammin slice of wax we have here.   Absolutely no idea what it is – the whole thing looks like a bootleg – the label Jackie (JK6) gives zero information – apart from song titles printed on the back cover – some of it sounds live – in fact it all possibly could be…   

If you like your funk all brooding bass on repeat grinding loop, fuzzed-out guitars, tripped out drums and screeching wailing vocals – then this is it …..     

Black Power Goes Funky

If anyone out there can offer any info whatsoever on this one – then would appreciate it –  I would take a guess that this all comes from the early/mid-70s …    had this on the shelf for an age having grabbed it at a car-boot a while back – never paid much attention to it until today – now destined for repeat play – as the house moves to melt-down-FUNK …


On a search of the web – I have managed to track down a number of the tracks – seems this is a funk-snapshot of 1970 grooves.  The bad-spelling and cheap sleeve/label make me think this is a bootleg compilation of otherwaise hard to find platters .  The bulk of the tracks seem to be a collection of tunes from a certain Yvonne Fair who released a load of 7 singles and an LP ‘The Bitch is Black’ in 1975.  Never knowingly heard her stuff in until started investigating this record on the turntable as I type – and man – she rocks (just check out the final track ‘Let Your Hair Down’ you doubters out there)!! 

Anyhow, this is a low-down funky disc – should maybe search out some wig-out-funk-collectors and off-load it.

Here is what I know so far:

Side 1

  1. Yvonne Fair – Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On (1975)
    Featuring Marvin Gaye on additional vocals.
  2. O’Jays – Give the People What They Want (1975)
  3. Love Ain’t No Toy
  4. I know
  5. Bump
  6. Help Yourslf
  7. You Can’t Judge The Book by it’s Cover

Side 2

  1. Tell Me Something Good
  2. Van Mc Coy – Disco Baby (1975)

  3. The Temptations – Glass House

  4. Yvonne Fair – Walk Out the Door if You Wanna
  5. Don’t Lose Your Cool
  6. The Commodores – I Feel Sanctified (1974)

  7. Yvonne Fair – Let Your Hair Down (1975)

Black Power Goes Funky

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  1. wow you seem to have found one that’s completely dropped off the radar…can’t find a reference to it anywhere on the net…interesting label…maybe it was a mail order thing from Jackie magazine…lol!

  2. actually that might not be such a mad suggestion. the ’70s Jackie logo was very similar…

  3. Could indeed be something like that – though I still feel this is bootleg material – the sleeve is a real cheap-job – with the same photos repeated here and there – and the only difference between front and back being the replacement of the title with a song-list ..

    Interesting not to find a single reference though that’s for sure !! smthing

  4. OK – hunted down a bunch of these tracks – maybe indeed was a Jackie Mag freebie of 1975 ish singles etc. Post now updated with a bunch of vids …

    More funk posts on the way I predict !!

  5. phew, some great stuff in there!

  6. Grate record. I found a copy in Singapore while I was there digging last year.
    Seems to be exactly the same as the copy pitched above.

    I found another record with it.
    Gary Toms Empire – 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle)
    It has the same blue label as the above record but no mention of Jackie or the Jackie Mag.
    Also has LSLP-27 on the middle left of the label on A and B sides…
    Interestingly no mention of P.I.P. Records or Epic were it was originally released in 1975?

    Is just as good the Black Power record, some serious funk on it!

  7. Sure is an excellent LP – and funny you should stumble upon one in Singapore – not been able to find any other reference to thins one anywhere !

    The Gary Toms one sounds interesting – I have the originla of that – excellent stuff indeed – makes me wonder if these Blue-Label (Jacky) things are some low-numnber bootleg runs – perhaps only ever getting semi-official releases in Far East maybe ?? who knows ….

  8. Side One track 5 is “The Bump” by Commodores. Track 6 “Help Yourself” is by The Undisputed Truth.

    Side Two track 5 is “Don’t Lose Your Cool” by L.T.D.
    The rest of the other tracks are all by Yvonne Fair.
    Looks like the one who compiled this really loves her stuff! Haha!

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