Non-Stop Disco Dancin’


Listening to the album “Disco Gold” by The Biddu Orchestra, it strikes me that this is the forerunner of the dj mix as we know it today. But instead of mixing existing records together (a technique still in it’s infancy over in NYC) Biddu recreates them from scratch. His tools are not turntables or samplers, but live session musicians, whom he dexterously ‘plays’, moulding them into a precision-tooled, seamlessly blended dance engine, anchored to the rigid (but still very human, biologically synchronised) pulse of the disco beat.


Also released in 1978, Arcade Records’ “Disco Drums – 24 Non-Stop Disco Hits” attempts to exploit the novelty of this approach, though producer Mitch Murray falls some way short of Biddu’s expansive mixscape, clustering songs into smaller medleys, or in most cases simply as discreet tracks, as though he and his session players lacked the vision and stamina to go the whole distance. But the emphasis on big drum breakdowns in fun, as is the sleeve design, so that’s okay then.

Special mention also for the female session vocalist for her heroic yet inevitably doomed attempt at faking an orgasm on “Je T’aime”.

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  1. The Biddu Orchestra rock – in fact – I am pretty sure if I just delve into the racks – I may well provide a companion post very shortly …

  2. Check Out My posting if you want to hear the version of Je T’aime from the disco drums album

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