Silver Convention


Another commendable MFP release from the disco era. From a pop culture perspective, the 1970s was actually a game of two halves. The first few years were really just an increasingly overblown/comical/desperate extension of the sixties. It took the combined impact of punk and disco to propel the seventies into it’s own orbit, clearly illustrated by the kind of releases that budget labels like MFP started putting out from that point onwards.

This one collects all the essentials from Munich’s Silver Convention, a studio group produced and arranged by Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay, fronted by three fine ladies called Penny McLean, Linda G. Thompson and Ramona Wulf, although that line-up changed a couple of times as girls came and went. Y’see it wasn’t about personalities; the girls provided a functional role – they merely needed to look good and sing a few lines in basic unison. The lyrics were always basic too, often just the title repeated several times, and certainly nothing as complicated as a verse. It was all about the production, “a totally fresh approach to the disco idiom, adding rich, classical rooted strings and pulsating synthesisers to a style based in soul music”, as stated by Roger St. Pierre (contributing editor of Disco International Magazine) in his sleeve notes, also claiming that it was Silver Convention, rather than Giorgio Moroder,  who were responsible for breaking down the barriers and popularising Eurodisco, at a time when disco was “seemingly the exclusive preserve of black Americans”.

Well I don’t know how much of that was hyperbole, but I do know that those big hits like “Get Up And Boogie” and “Fly Robin Fly” remind me of some good times in my childhood at Oldbury Court Youth Club, and the lesser-known tracks are pretty tasty too. Unfortunately, Roger’s final assertion that Silver Convention’s “future looks bright” turned out to be incorrect. As far as I know, they never did anything else of consequence after this.

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