The Sensational Organ Sound of Klaus Wunderlich

No semi-naked gals adorning this one – no sir – this is the real deal – old Klaus is given 4 sides to show just what he is capable of – hit it baby – make me swing !!

So what do we get on this double-LP from 1978 – again on the forceful Telefunken label…

Side 1 – Wunderlich Live
Using nothing more than his bare-hands and a well greased and expertly programmed Hammond – he woos the crowd – cheering, dribblingm and maybe even moshing – into submission with a batch of favorties from the sublime ‘Mull of Kintyre’ through to the stomping-disco-joy that is ‘Disco-Time’ …  oh how they rocked back in the day ..

Side 2 – Wunderlich Pops
Freed from the constraints of live-playing to screaming hoards – and locked away with a studio full of electronic-gizmos – Klaus lays down contempory hits of the day to fine grooving (pulsating even) rhythms – ‘Sir Duke’, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Ma Baker’ and a stonking ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ utilizing a clever use of Wah-Wah pedal lays bare the Hammond in all its cheese-n-biscuit glory…

Side 3 – Wunderlich International
A blistering trawl through a selection of styles ranging from uptempo Latin, Swing, Big Band and Smooch (if there is such a thing) – every bachelor pad should have this side – by law !!

Side 4 – Wunderlich Sounds
This is where the fun begins – combining the (lets face it here) rather limited tonal capabilities of the Hammond – with the untamed savagery of a Moog Modular – Klaus at times seems to struggle to control the wisps, farts, burps and blips of white/pink/filtered/distorted and just plain daft Moogisms.  Some very cool and damn funny bits here – which make the whole thing a total joy to these ears ..    For sure he is no Tangerine Dream imitator on this – but forcing electronic experimentation upon the easy-listening masse of 1978 deserves a loud letting of white-noise hiss at the very least – another classic no less !!

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  1. Best Hammond blog I’ve seen. Sure wish I could download them all.

  2. This album introduced the Wersi Organ “Helios” upon Side One [of the Deutsche issue] Side 4 of the Uk issue.
    A Great Organ [hammond+electronic] with Synth Modules., Live he could Pull the Sounds he wished at Whim.

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