Front 242 – Masterblaster 12 inch

All that laid-back Sunday morning stuff is making me itch !!

So……  what better than a right-old bucket-load of electronics to shake things up.

This is a 12 inch dating back to 1987, that I grabbed not so long ago for next to nout at some local car-boot-thing…   What you get for your money are those post-industrial (some may say pretenders) from Belgium ‘Front 242’ kicking up a sequenced storm of a song – all brooding-moody vocals over sledge-hammer beatz.  and very pleasing it all sounds even after 20 odd-years.   Unlike half the lame-ass house-stuff from this period, this really has stood the test-of-time damn well.

Having been over to Belgium a couple of times this year – it is hard at times to correlate the laid-back attitude they give out, with the at times slabs of harsh noise-attack they can propel at your unsuspecting lugs.

Anyway – here is a stream to give you an idea how our place is now sounding mid Sunday morning.

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  1. yes, fabulous stuff indeed. i was a big fan of all things Belgian back then.

  2. awesome… one of the remixes has the best drum programming I’d heard… for awhile they were churning out the best dance / proto-techno 12″s there was… a tiny golden period…..

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