Mikis Theodorakis – “I Yitonia ton Angelon”

An absolutely superb piece of music – originating I have manage to find out around 1963, on the EMI/Columbia imprint (062-70208).  Research has been somewhat hampered due to all notes/titles etc being in the Greek alphabet and also having gone through some Romanization process to present a form these uneducated eyes can read – trouble is – it would seem there must be numerous methods to do this – and the subtle difference in spellings make online searching a tad tricky ..

Picked this up this week for a quid in that mecca of second-hand vinyl, Yeovil.  The sleeve is totally stunning – with a perfectly framed black-and-white image, half-shadowed – very reminiscent of something that could have graced an early 4AD Records release – absolutely beautiful !   It consists of music conducted/played (I hesitate to say written but probably is) by Mikis Theodorakis, who to say is prolific in output would be ridiculously under-stating the issue!

He is undoubtedly most famous in these parts for the piece of music Zorba (of which the original whole song ‘Srose To Stroma Sou’ starts off this LP); along with having supplied the soundtrack for the film Serpico; these 2 references are only just scratching the surface of his substantial back-catalog.

To be honest the more uptempo Bouzouki pieces are not what do it for these ears – the slower and at times totally haunting numbers are just sublime.  The second track on the LP ‘Penia’ running at a mere 1 minute or so – barely starting a simple solo Bouzouki refrain before ending – is quite stunning – and could be dropped mid set in any gig I played (hence me not getting top billings much these days I suppose!) ..

As you might guess – after an hour or so of searching – I have managed to find some pesky online site – that will sell you the afore-mentioned track for a mere 0.08 Euros, which totally makes you realise how damn nice it is to hold the original (near mint) condition vinyl !

For those of you with no chance to hear this stuff – and I am not going to give any crap MP3 links (you can do all that searching yourselves) – here is one of the numbers to wet the early morning appetites !

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  1. well i love the Serpico music, so i’m sure i’d like this

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  3. Hello I´m from Perú; I want to know about an early record from “Mikis Theodorakis 2” EMI/Greece

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