Silver Bullet – Bring Down The Walls No Limit Squad Returns

Phew – slow down now – man any faster my ticker is going to pack up and head for the hills.  Yep a full LP of the original UK speed-camera of rap himself – Silver Bullet.  Always absolutely loved this guy back in the day bought both “Bring Forth the Guillotine” and “20 Seconds to Comply” on 12 inch – (both on the Tam Tam label – with essentials  remixes from Ben Chapman) as soon as they came out – and even saw him perform these babes at World Dance – an illegal Rave in some field in East Grinstead back in 1989.  Oh and look what the web turns up – some video footage from that very same event – oh how we partied and chewed our cheeks off back in the day ….

A nice slab of Balearic/Latino mixed in with some KLF/Tony Scott/etc … – good times huh – somewhere buried in that footage are me and my mate Bren (who I know is an occasional follower of these columns) – both of us off to ATP in Minehead in a couple of weeks time for a Nightmare Before Xmas, where I doubt the same vibe will be in action (but who knows) !!

Anyhows – as mentioned old Silver Bullet bludgeoned us with a storming live-set the ext afternoon, along with 808 State and a whole host of other live acts.

So – having never really heard anything much by Mr. Bullet since (apart from the first 2 singles) – how does the LP fair up after 20 odd years?  Very nice actually – the whole thing flows along in a pretty frenetic bombastic way – with tempos and aggression never really letting up throughout.  This one was released in 1991 on Parlophone after he moved from Tam Tam – contains both the singles – and a whole batch of other fine tunes – production is a bit more murky and at times LoFi – with some of the top-end shine taken off – which only adds to the whole thing to these ears …

A fine disc indeed – and a surprise find the other week in a sleepy Somerset village for a mere 25 new english pennies..  Go and hunt down pop-pickers ……

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