Super Star Sound



It’s odd how many records from the German Telefunken label end up in British charity shop bins. How did they all get here in the first place? We managed to keep out the Luftwaffe, but we couldn’t stem the insidious tide of tasteless Telefunken platters.

This one is a sampler for their ‘Super Star Sound’ series, featuring dear old Klaus Wunderlich along with a bunch of other easy/cheesy artists who were, presumably, ‘big in Germany’ at the time. To be honest, most of this stuff (like Bob Powell‘s infernal version of ‘Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep’) could be used as a method of torture, although I was quite intrigued by Norman Chandler‘s orchestral reading of “My Sweet Lord”, on account of the heavy use of electronic filters to ‘treat’ the strings, resulting in some quite satisfying psychedelic swirls of sound. ‘Serious’ artists like Stockhausen and Klaus Schulze used similar effects, but I’ve not heard anything quite so weird applied to a mainstream record of the period. The nearest comparison I can think of would be some of John Keating’s stuff. Anyway, that track is from an album called ‘Magic Strings’, which might possibly be worth bagging if you see a copy for 50p.


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