New Sounds Of Chico Arnez


The year is 1972 and Chico Arnez, until recently associated with the ‘Latin-Amercian sound’, is unveiling his ‘New Sounds’ on this radical album on Contour.  But how to describe this New Sound? The sleeve notes mention “exploratory arrangements to create an exciting sound to listen to and a very ‘Disco-type’ mood to dance to”.

37 years later, it’s quite hard to discern the ‘newness’. I can just about buy the idea that Chico was a forgotten pivotal figure in the transition from ‘Easy-Latin’ to ‘Easy-Disco’, and some of these arrangements, particularly the re-workings of “One Note Samba” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well”, are actually quite engaging, and yes the drums are unusually loud and dynamic in the mix and the horns and woodwind are screaming for attention, etc…but it’s still basically an easy listening record, with no obvious stylistic invention that I can discern. Certainly there’s nothing here that could be described as ‘Disco’ as we understand it today. But let’s give Chico a break – it’s only 1972 ferchrissakes.

On the rear sleeve of this copy, scrawled in biro along the top, reads: “To Jim, With My Best Wishes, Chico Arnez”. Nice touch!

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  1. […] years on from his “New Sounds”, and not much had changed in Chico Land, except his sounds were now simply just […]

  2. Hi again,

    I just saw that you also have this one listed here. I am taking the picture from you, as it is so much better than the one I had found before. I have never heard about this group until yesterday, when I found their 1974 Non-stop Dance Party introduced in a blogspot. I downloaded it and listen to it right now. I like it a lot.

    I have also found a download link there for this 1972 LP, but out of curiousity I am asking anyway: how is anybody to download your stuff here? I cannot see any links, not even hidden or disguised. Or are you only sending them in emails? I am a bit confused, because I usually see more blogspots than wordpresses.

  3. Hello again,

    today I have seen the link to your Thrifty Bits Mixtape in a new post, I am playing it right now and I like it a lot. But I also see (for the first time now) a statement above it that says there are generally no links posted to share the music. OK then, I wished I had known that.

    It is nowhere to be seen in any of the posts I had been receiving then, and I was actually wondering what the point is to introduce weird records that nobody can listen to. Obviously these are obscure unknown albums that nobody has in their own household. So what is the point of writing a review about a record that the readers don’t have and cannot listen to themselves?

    I am usually on blogspots, where the music is shared, and when I read somebody’s comments about an album, I can listen (download) it and then make my own opinion about that, then entering it (my opinion) into the comments. That is how it makes sense to me.

    I am also disappointed that I have never received any reply from you in the 2 and a half months I was asking you about the music you were introducing.

    But thanks for the mixtape, that is really good. It says Volume 1, so does that mean there is hope for a follow-up? OK, for that I will keep the subscription going. Thanks.

  4. If only more people would hear this!

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