Chico Arnez’s Non-Stop Dance Party


I dunno, you go for all those years without having even heard of the bloke, and then two Chico Arnez albums come along (almost) at the same time!

Two years on from his “New Sounds”, and not much had changed in Chico Land, except his sounds were now simply just ‘Exciting’, there were more vocals, and there were no gaps between tracks – what a rush!

He was still doing the “Hawaii Five-O” theme, but his radical re-imagining of “Spirit In The Sky” is a thing of wonder.  So now I’m wondering (whilst admiring the bone structure of the model on the sleeve) how many more records this guy managed to make?

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  1. Hello, I am listening to this album right now, while typing this.

    I had found it yesterday and grabbed it without even knowing the name of this orchestra/group/musician. I actually like it a lot, and so I googled it to find out more. Not much to find unfortunately, even wikipedia has nothing to say about this group.

    Thanks for the great picture of the cover, so much better than the one I had with the album download yesterday.

    Oh, BTW: how does one download the albums from your blog? Not that I need this one, because I have it already. But I realized there are no links, not even disguised or hidden. How would anybody get the albums you are introducing?

  2. this is a place to enjoy album sleeves, to celebrate vinyl culture and to encourage others to get out there and find records of their own. we don’t like MP3 downloads.

    fyi: Chico Arnez is (was?) a person, not a group.

    thanks for stopping by…

  3. get something alse on your site

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