Solid Gold


It is of course entirely appropriate that the first record featured in 2010 is a pile of tasteless trash. I like to set the bar deliberately low.

“Solid Gold” sees my favourite year in pop, 1981, deliberately and maliciously vandalised by an unscrupulous bunch of session players, calling themselves Sound Sensation. Actually, if I’m being honest, from an instrumental point of view, they weren’t a bad outfit – nearly all the performances are accurate copies of the originals – they even manage a respectable ‘Ghost Town’. Funnily enough, only the deceptively simple electronic minimalism of ‘Tainted Love’ is totally unconvincing, with the group clearly working outside their comfort zone. But then there’s the vocals which are, in nearly all cases, toe-curlingly horrible, with the Kevin Rowland impersonation on ‘Show Me’  being so bad it’s almost fascinating. Mind you, the Sheena Easton clone was virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Hang on, this post is sailing dangerously close to actual critical analysis, which would surely be a colossal waste of mine and your time (I only bought it for the sleeve anyway – an uncanny Baywatch premonition?!) so I’ll shut up now.

Happy NY, all you vinyl fetishists!

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