At £2.99, this is the most expensive record I’ve featured on the blog thus far. That’s Oxfam prices for you. In defence of such an astronomical sum I will say that (a) it’s a double album in gatefold sleeve (b) the vinyl is in immaculate condition (c) it’s an album I’ve been specifically hunting for ever since I heard Jeff Love’s discofied impersonations back here.

With Steely Dan providing the title track and the awesome “Do It Again”, Joe Walsh‘s (full length) “Life’s Been Good”, the spacey grooves of Steve Miller‘s “Fly Like An Eagle”, The Doobie Brothers‘ charming  “It Keeps You Runnin'” plus top tunes from Boz Scaggs, Boston, Tom Petty and Foreigner, this is a great cross-section of late-70s A.O.R. at the height of its powers, evoking hazy memories of the days when these songs were on heavy rotation on the FM stations of the time.

Okay so there’s a couple of duffers by Dan Fogelberg and James Taylor, and I’ve heard better from Linda Ronstadt and Bob Seger, and familiarity does tend to breed contempt when talking about Queen‘s “We Will Rock You”, but you gotta admit “Just The Way You Are” is probably the best song Billy Joel ever wrote.

File under ‘Guilty Pleasures’.


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  1. […] it’s been a strange journey from here, to here, to the record you see before you now (with a big dose of fuzzy childhood nostalgia thrown in). […]

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