The Undertones – All Wrapped Up



One more from that Oxfam batch – hitting an all-time high, eye-wateringly expensive £3.99! Honestly, I dunno what came over me – it was my first thrifting expedition of the year, after an extended Xmas break, and I had a sudden rush of blood to the head, as well as saliva dripping down my chalky-white, unshaven chin (the sight of a chronically addicted vinyl junkie in the advanced stages of withdrawal is not a pretty one!).  I knew it was a bit pricey, but it was a double album, and the vinyl did have that mint/unplayed/fresh-from-the pressing-plant look about it…

But what about The Undertones? Well, I had strong memories of them as being a really good singles group with clever lyrics – “My Perfect Cousin” always springs to mind as a good example of what Feargal and Co were about – but perhaps a bit too one-dimensional musically to merit investigating their albums, so a good singles collection was always the preferred option.  Then when I came across this nifty compilation from 1983, with ‘free record featuring 17 B sides’, it seemed the perfect fit, especially when you factor in the striking cover image. It’s a photo by Rupert Pretious entitled ‘Dressed To Grill’, featuring a lady called Cath Johnson, in full-on ’80s hair and make-up, attired in a bacon & cling-film dress with sausage necklace.  The image is sexy in a weird, slightly unpleasant way, and definitely preferable to a mug-shot of the group themselves – let’s face it, The Undertones were never the most photogenic of groups!

Incidentally, a quick snoop around on the internet suggests that Near Mint copies of this are on sale for around a tenner, plus postage, so I reckon I didn’t do too badly. And my money did go to a worthy cause, rather than lining the pockets of some unscrupulous dealer who can’t tell the difference between NM and VG+!

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  1. Nice sleeve – always found them good fun this lot back in the day. Saw That Petrol Emotion last month – most of them being ex-Undertones – and they totally rock…

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