Jeff Wayne – Eve of the War (Picture Disc), featuring Justin Hayward

Picked up this synth-laden-throbbing-conceptual-rock 12 inch monster just before Xmas – in a 4 for a quid deal in some ragged-old thrift shop in Wincanton.  Not a bad deal as these are apparently fetching upwards of 20 quid a pop at present.  Never much cared for old Wayne/Hayward back in the day – and the only time I have heard this stuff since has been on a couple of dodgy Hammond LPs – where a pliny-plonk interpretation has not quite convinced me to revisit the original. 

However – on sticking this on the old deck – and cranking up the sub-woofer – we get a sequenced-electro-floor-filler – this gets the old walls and curtains vibrating – not to mention what it does to these old knees.   A very nice piece of electronic rumbling  and tasty picture vinyl if ever there was one !!

The b-side tracks suck though (at least to these jaded ears) – you however may think differently !!

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  1. this reminds me i meant to post the full album a while back!

  2. […] on from my colleague’s post yesterday, it reminded me that I never got around to posting the full double-gatefold album version which I […]

  3. FARMERGLITCH….I,LL GIVE YOU £20 for this much loved PICTURE DISC..

  4. Thanks for the offer – but think I’ll keep it in the throbbing-floor-filler record bag for now …

  5. i got 2 copies eeeee

  6. I got a copy of this Picture Disc for £17. 50! the white rim version, which is the rare version. Bargain. great for collectors.

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