The War Of The Worlds (reprise)


Following on from my colleague’s post yesterday, it reminded me that I never got around to posting the full double-gatefold album version of Jeff Wayne’s classic which I came across last year, complete with original booklet insert featuring more superb artwork from Geoff Taylor and others…


Back when this was released in 1978, I remember there was a real buzz about it at school. My parents never bought it, unfortunately, so I had to make-do with listening at friends’ houses whenever possible. When I found this copy for a couple of quid, it felt like closure; a resolution of a niggling resentment that had been quietly simmering in my soul since I was nine. At last! I can finally listen to my own copy!!


I still reckon it’s a bloody good listen for about 90% of the time (sorry, I can’t agree with my colleague’s assertion that ‘Horsell Common And The Heat Ray’ ‘sucks’ – it’s wicked, but perhaps best heard in context of the overall narrative) and some of those sound effects still have the power to send a chilly ripple down the spine. In fact, the only other record designed for children’s entertainment that I can think of that makes comparable use of scary electronic sounds is “Dr. Who & the Pescatons” (more on that another time).


Quite possibly Richard Burton’s finest hour…

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