Alice Coopers Greatest Hits

It’s bleedin Alice Cooper innit ….   Man how we loved all this stuff in those heady pre-punk days – ‘Schools Out’, ‘Elected’ and ‘Im Eighteen’ being some-kind of school playground soundtrack.   So nice to find this babe sitting all lonely like on the shelf in my local thrift-emporium just the other day.

Now trouble is – the above mentioned tracks – all here and sounding damn excellent – are the only ones cutting it to these ears !  The rest of the stuff all recorded between his glory-years of 1971-1974 just sound like under-produced-fillers to me …  I am sure they are all loved adored and played to deaths by those Copper-Metal-Jackets out there – to whom I apologise for dissing the-man-in-black …    but I prefer to remember him as follows!!

Remeber kidz – Skouls Ooot !!

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  1. i have this one (one of my mum’s cast-offs). lush sleeve. haven’t played in a long time…suspect your analysis is correct…

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