Stanley Black Plays for Latin Lovers.

Hey darling – wanna be rubbed down by bean-filled Maracas – let me Rumba-Shaker you till it burns ….   beat out a pounding groove and generally send ya into orbit (sad continuation attempt of the previous few postings space theme !!) ..

Lets face it – this babe is getting on down – now what makes me wonder is what the heck to – now if this had been recorded 40 years later or so – you might suspect and excessive intake of some mind-altering-dance-inducing stimulant was at work.  You see the grooves on this disc whilst being undoubtedly Latin in vibe – and excellent executed in style – are really a laid-back piano-led affair – much more suited for sitting around, and letting the delicate rhythms caress you into submission …. ahhhh …

So the question is – what the heck is she on ??

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  1. having featured a stanley black record previously ( i can say with some certainty that i would def buy this if i saw it!

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