Mick Ronson – Slaughter On 10th Avenue



Never heard much of Mr. Ronson’s post-Bowie solo work, so was genuinely intrigued when I happened upon this, which I assume to be his first long-player since splitting with The Dame, on RCA from 1974.

It sounds like he was basically carrying-on with that ‘Spiders From Mars’ sound (he even sings like Ziggy!), and why not? It was a good sound! The big revelation for me was hearing “Only After Dark” a song which, for the past 25 years, I have only known as a Human League track, from their album “Travelogue”. I guess I sort knew that it wasn’t an original League composition (they were one of the few synth groups of that period who seemed to love doing irony-free covers of their favourite songs), but never felt suitably motivated to explore the song’s origins. Well, as much as I enjoy the League’s all-electronic rendition, it pales in comparison to Mick’s original, which totally rocks my world, baby!

Another personal highlight is that bad-ass instrumental section at the end of “Pleasure Man” that suddenly dissolves in a woozy haze of stereo-panned tape echo before lurching into top glam-pop stomper “Hey Mama Get Papa”. You gotta love that cute ARP synth solo!

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  1. Absolutely essential LP this one – had it for years along with the also indispensable ‘Play Don’t Worry’ from 75. Good find my man ….!!

  2. Hi,
    I have had this LP since buying it for 50p in a second hand record shop in 78 in Colchester. The vinyl is English, but the cover is printed in the US. Is your the same or at the top right on the back cover does it say anything about where it’s printed. It’s a great LP from a genius guitar player.

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