Voices in Instrumentation – The Unique Vocal Interpretations of THE MEXCALI SINGERS

An absolutely amazing bag of discs found in Yeovil today – ranging from out-of-print pristine 60s blues, 70s stomping rock, late-70s prog and a bundle of novelty kids discs – more of that later however pop-pickers…

In the mean-time – you get The Mexicali Singers – from 1966 – a space-lounge-disc of fictitious Mexicans that a certain Anita Kerr apparently stumbled upon in ‘Old Mexico’ and dragged back to Hollywood waving a recording contract to a chorus of “Si Si Si ….” …  The LP comes with an in-depth description of said Mexicans – such as stated for the halucagenic-herb giving Marg:

“Alto for the group is Margarita Reales, a sultry, dark-skinned beauty of Indian heritage.  The gay wit of Marg, as her friends call her, is almost legendary in the unspoiled mesa region, from which she hails.  Marg is the prankster of the sextet, her most recent prank having been to fill 3000 tacos with loco-grass, causing a minor epidemic.  Marg likes to giggle and loves to be tickled.”

Well over here in the glitch-household – we also enjoy a good tickle – and for sure would not be offended by any offering of any-form of loco-grass !!

So what do you get of this wonderful piece of black-plastic ?  Well…  pour out that cocktail – slip on a nice mini – and swank with me – to a shiny-bright piece of ratt-a-tat-scat vocalisation of classics to an orchestral score – with a big big back-beat …    wooo – hold on there ‘A Taste of Honey’ has just blasted off into the cosmos from the woofers – and man – I need to suspend typing for a smooch !!

This is a classic find – and if like me you dig this mid 60s bachelor pad style thing – then this is IT BABY !!!

More on Anita Kerr (“easily the most remarkable and accomplished female musician of the Space Age Pop era”) can be found here.

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