Deco Disco with Camp Galore (1976 DML-2)

Ha – take that you slime-bags – did not see that one comin did ya..   Another 50p buy today – and what a bleedin thing it is to behold ….

The sleeve seriously defies description – I think the look on the chicks face says it all – this must be one if not THE bestest crap sleeve on these shelves – and man – I have loads more contenders !!

The music is slick-70s-NY-disco – very reminiscent to Disco-Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes (if that means anything to you) – big orchestral scores – tight production and Ray Coniff style harmonies – make a fine listen – if you like 30s swing hits – made into disco-stompers – and who doesn’t …

Worth every penny for the second track alone – which will be played out repeatedly  – should any fool ever need my DJ services – Ballin’ The Jack – sort of says it all really – CLASSIC !!

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  1. jesus you couldn’t make this shit up! as a fervent admirer of the Disco Tex sound, i suspect i would probably go ga-ga for this!

  2. Quite difficlut to gauge what made them do it – the thing is so well produced too – must have cost a fair bit in studio time also – the mind boggles!! But hey – this was DISCO time !!

  3. y’know, i think we need to get our shit together and do another thrifty mix before the backlog gets completely unmanageable..

  4. Seems a fine idea to me – my pad is overloading with new purchases – time to clear the review backlog also !!

  5. I’ve been on a bit of a disco kick lately (the recent Disco Discharch CD twofers, Numero’s 3LP Don’t Stop: Recording Tap and the George Smallwood LP on Jazzman are but three recent purchases), but this is exactly the kind of shit I hate.

    When I drinks water, I drinks water; when I drinks whiskey, I drinks whiskey. Or to paraphrase: when I want to hear Duke Ellington, I play Duke Ellington; when I want to hear disco, I play disco.

  6. Absolutely love the sleeve, though.

  7. This is indeed tosh-like – but man – don’t knock it until you’ve spun it – and ‘ballin tha jack’ is very much D.I.S.C.O – whatever that might stand for !! Lets not forget this is after-all the heady NY dayz of 76 – and as the sleeve states – this sure as hell is CAMP !!

  8. […] Fantasy Sarr Band – Double Action Russ Henderson & His Carribean Boys – West Indian Drums Deco Disco with Camp Galore – Ballin’ The Jack Disco Top Pop II – Hocus Pocus Pete Winslow – Don’t Stop Me Andy Fairley – A Nation […]

  9. Just got it from a Dutch Thrift store. The monstrocity that is the sleeve… Amazing. If you block her head and neck with your finger, suddenly a white girl appears… hmmm.

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