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J. Walter Negro--Not His Real Name, Apparently

Wittgenstein or another early 20th Century nabob?


Unlike the other posters on Thrifty Vinyl apparently, I spend a lot of time at boot fairs as well as charity shops; all the while looking for a Butcher Cover version of the Beatles Yesterday…and Today.  Like every one of my previous attempts, now surely numbering in the thousands, today’s search, at a boot fair in Wincheap, near Canterbury, has ended in failure.

But, it was a noble failure, as you will see.

First up, “Shoot the Pump Parts 1 & 2” by J. Walter Negro and the Loose Jointz.   Straight away I suspected “J. Walter Negro” was a pseudonym.  Early 80’s New York- based hip hop/disco with ties to graffiti/street art. All the signs pointed to Arthur Russell.  Russell, I knew, traded under several different names, including Loose Joints, if not the more urban Jointz (sic).  

All these clues proved a veritable kettle of red herrings.   I was right, J. Walter Negro was a fake name, but not for Arthur Russell, rather a New York graffiti artist known as ABI.  Indeed, it’s his charmingly amateurish work which graces the cover.  The music is a pretty ambitious blend of latin disco and  proto hip hop with a lashing of OTT rock guitar. As a rapper, however, ABI makes a pretty good spray painter; J. Wlater’s flow is better than fellow downtown scenester Futura 2000’s (who is name-checked on the sleeve), but that’s not saying much.  The amusing shaggy dog story about mischief making in NYC with fire hydrants may or may not be a metaphor for tagging.  Part 2 and the Instrumental version on the flip side are the better listens.  

Is it Ludwig Wittgenstein on the cover of the A Certain Ratio Do the Du (casse) ep I picked up for 50p?  I don’t know, but I do know that “Shack Up” sounds uncanily like Joy Division, only with chops and a horn section.  By that I mean it’s good.  

I also bought a picture disc of “The Arms of Orion” by Prince for £2.50.  Yes, I know, a bit pricey for these parts, but it does add to a three-quarters complete collection of Prince 12″ up to and including those associated with the Batman soundtrack.  The stall where I made this purchase was all records, including collectables, i.e. an 80’s commercial/semi-legit release of an early acetate version of The Velvet Undergraound and Nico called Unripe or something for a tenner, a £5 12″ of “Marquee Moon” (mono mix!) and a gorgeous copy of Dillinger’s Bionic Dread for £29.  It was a great browse and if everything on the stall had been £1, I would have had the lot.

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  1. damn i’d have snatched that ACR record off you.

    great to finally have you on board, asbo.

    best of luck w/ the beatles butcher record. the farmer will prob find one in some little village thrift shop in somerset for 25p knowing his luck…

  2. Good to have you on board – and nice trawling ……..

    ACR – what to say – bloody excellent group that lot – if you can track down Flight on 12 inch – grab it …. saw them play the Rock Garden in 1980 – dragged myself around town the next day to grab Graveyard and the Ballroom cassette before it disappeared from the shelves ..

    Saw them a few times after – although they lost the funk and moved more into twiddling abstract-jazz towards the end – everything is worth grabbing if you find it !!

  3. My top 40 singles of 2009:

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