America’s First Man In Orbit – 7 incher…

Been sort of neglecting posting here for too long – plus I have a rather obscene amount of new vinyl that are accumulating in piles all over the house – leading to threats of marital disharmony – but heck – that is sort of normal round here !!

Grabbed the above classic piece of history this afternoon in car-boot land – The reocrd features Astronaut “John Glenn” in “Friendship 7” (the name of the Mercury space capsule  he flew in) This took place on Pad 14 in Cape Canaveral on February 20th 1962.

Trust me on this – your record collection is a happier thing when it contains items such as these !!

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  1. agreed…we’ve been neglecting this place..need to get posting!

  2. I’m trying to get in touch with Farmerglitch. While online searching my head off for an mp3 or cd version of the Belafonte/Islanders album, I came across this blog. I have a copy of it (My mom owned a vinyl -which curiously was not “Carribean” but was titled “Harry Belafonte sings five early songs” and had the exact same track listing, although a decidedly less attractive album cover) but my absolute favorite song on the album “Lie stone dead in the market” skips pretty severely at the end of the track. I noticed that you offered to burn the tracks for someone on that post and was wondering if you’d be willing to do the same for me. I’d of course be willing to reimburse you for your troubles. Let me know, thanks.

  3. […] Kralj – Odyssey / John Glenn in Friendship 7 – Man in Orbit Kenny Everett – Captain Kremmen (Extract) Biddu – Chic Chica Chic Chica Chic David Essex […]

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