Beatles Related…Again

A few years ago,  a friend of mine was having a post-gig chat with Alex Chilton.  Careful not to mention slavish admiration of Big Star, my friend asked the recently deceased curmudgeon what he was listening to.  “Mostly classical music,” came a shrugging reply.  At the time, I was vaguely disappointed and slightly un-nerved that Chilton had turned his back on the pop and gone all boring and old.

Nowadays, I can see where he was coming from.  Of course, in my charity shop/boot fair travels, I see hundreds of classical LPs with cool covers, classical box sets for a pound, etc. etc. , all ripe for investigation.

But that time hasn’t come yet and I’m still collecting crap like this.  On the right is Robert Stigwood’s first foray into Beatle-milking product which I purchased at Hythe’s Cancer Research.   To be honest, I haven’t yet had the heart to listen to Barbara Dickson making a hash of rock’s best catalogue.  Great title, though.

As for the other piece…well let’s just say there’s a special place in Hindi Hell reserved for people who retitle their reissues leading innocent music consumers into thinking they’re buying something they don’t already own. In this case, Goddess of Fortune is simply a Spiritual Sky reissue of Apple’s Radha Krsna Temple album (which I got about 15 years ago at a Columbus, Ohio thrift store for fiddy cent), though nowhere on the sleeve does it mention this.   The presence of George Harrison as producer was enough to get me to part with £2.99 (!) for a little spiritual enlightenment.  Humbug.

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  1. typical…you wait for a new post on thrifty for the best part of a month and then two come at once!

  2. So Melanie (Safka) is not the only person who does things like that???

    She has released the same album 4 times in 4 covers with 4 titles, including also renaming certain songs, so the record buyer would get the impression he is looking at a completely new album in the store.

    She even tricked a naive small record label in Germany to sign her up and release her “new” album by simply renaming the tracklist of older songs that all fans already had. When I eventually spoke with label boss, he fell out of all clouds (german saying for being very astonished), but at that time album had been released, artist had been received cash and luxury fare.

    What kind of hell would be waiting for somebody like that? I am wondering…

  3. When I spoke with Alex Chilton I slobbered all over his knob in regards to Way Out West…did the same to Jody Stephens, who is ready to produce Haynes Boys album #2 when we actually want to make a “good” record. And… I’m singing that song next week at the Truck Festival in upstate NY with a band from the U.K….they used to be called Goldrush. Nice blokes. Very, very good musicians. Best to the family.

  4. Is that Melanie of “Candles In the Rain” fame? I believe Other singles include “Candles With the Rain”, “Candles On the Rain” and “Candles and the Rain Therein”.

    Haynes Boys? I thought they were defunct; that is, no longer trading as opposed to without funct.

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