Dalek I Love You



The price tag reveals that this second hand record was once on sale for a respectable £5, but was then progressively reduced until it ended up in the £1 bin, which is where I found it on a recent rummage through the vinyl junk in Plastic Wax Records. In fact I only paid 50p for it, having taken advantage of their ‘ten for a fiver’ policy.

Why this particular album proved so hard to shift is a bit of a mystery. It is in excellent condition. It’s not particularly rare, but copies aren’t exactly in abundance either. The ’80s are meant to be ‘In’ these days aren’t they? It has a striking sleeve image, with a slightly unsettling suggestion of sexual violence. The group, led by Alan Gill, emerged from the Liverpool post-punk scene, and had connections with bands like Big In Japan, Teardrop Explodes and OMD. The quality of the music is a bit uneven, but when it’s at it’s best, as on the opening track “Holiday In Disneyland”, it’s an excellent example of quirky, left-field pop.

So why doesn’t anyone like Dalek I Love You?

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