Fonzie Favorites (Warwick WW5037)


They used to have this record on display at Used Kids Records in Columbus, Ohio so when I saw it at the Delmelza House in Hythe for but a pound I was moved to pick it up.  Note the stand mechanism allowing the limey Happy Days fan to prop up her favourite telly star on the bed stand and dream of what could be.

What was once 50s nostalgia is now 70s nostalgia.  It’s so confusing.

Held Upright As If By Some Kind of Magic

The bulk of the album features a canny selection of rock ‘n’ roll oldies by medium-to-big stars like the Platters, Carl Perkins, the Everly Brothers, Little Richard, as well as the actual Happy Days theme song.   But the real draw for the Kitsch-iste is the pathetic “Fonz Song” by the Heyettes [Jesus, I can’t believe I just wrote that] and the “‘impressionist’ track containing the expressions Aaaaay, Cool, Nerd, Sit on It!” allowing the owner to “Listen & learn to use Fonzie’s favorite phrases perfectly.”

It’s weird. This is apparently a fully licenced arrangement with images from the Paramount show, yet Henry “Fonzie” Winkler did not do the voice-over and the “impressionist” sounds nothing like the Fonz.  Further, the Fonz’s catchphrases are buried under  a Happy Days theme song loop which last less than a minute.

Truly, it vies for the stupidist record ever made.

Sit On It!

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