Emmanuelle 2 – Music by Francis Lai

Following on from the Farmer’s erotic post (and reply) comes, erm, this soundtrack, purchased at a charity shop in Canterbury whose charity was not apparent to me.  Obviously bought for the cover, I was nonetheless peeved when I got this baby home to discover the first Whitney Houston record within. Ugh.

What looks to be an abnormally straight jet of semen heading to the heroine’s lower lip is a design feature of unknown purpose, not a piece of schoolboy vandalism.

Edit 10.11.11. — the strange dark design in the background of this cover, is shadow image of the figure on the cover of the first Emmanuelle Lp. Just noticed.

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  1. so entranced was he by the sleeve that he broke the golden rule and forget to check he had the right record within – tut tut!
    i have a copy of Jacko’s ‘Bad’ in a 10cc sleeve for same reason. but at least yours has other potential uses..

  2. […] time I made damn sure the correct record was housed […]

  3. Said stream is in fact a acupuncture needle the titular heroine receives during a rather steamy visit to the local TCM clinic.

    • Won’t ask how you know this to be the case, but now you mention it, I can see the slightly wider, twisty top bit of the needle. Weird.

      “Titular heroine” [giggles].

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