Paul McCartney 12″ singles

The past two months have been a positive boon for those of us who collect “Beatles-related”.  In particular, I’ve found several caches of Macca 12″ singles, some of which I’ve never even seen before.  The best of the batch is Paul’s duet with recently deceased fan of children M. Jackson.  More like a Walter Gibbons-style disco edit than a remix, “Say, Say, Say” extends the best bits and incorporates a wickit breakdown, but “Ode To a Koala Bear” is as ghastly as it sounds.  Paul’s other duet, “Ebony and Ivory” (not pictured) comes with a solo version on the b-side.  It must be said, whether conceived as a duet or not, the solo version lacks spark even tho’ McCartney sings the same notes as Stevie Wonder.  The live 12″-ers (“Birthday”, “All My Trials”) are redundant, much like the never-ending series of live Lps that Paul has trotted out subsequent to his late 80s return to the concert arena.  “Press” was the kind-of title track to perhaps Paul’s worst album Press To Play (also in the running Red Rose Speedway, Wild Life, and Pipes of Peace) which is saying something. Continuing the guarded electronic experimentation of Pipes, Macca gamely introduces all manner of gated instrumentation, to pointless effect; the dub mix is something of an improvement, lacking as it does Paul’s opening couplet “Darling, I love you very, very, very much/And I really am relying on your touch”. Of the other non-Lp b’s, “It’s Not True” is actually a good gospel-ish song ruined by loud as f*ck snare and “Hanglide” could be the backing track for a Toto song or something only with backwards guitars.  “Figure of Eight” comes from the back in form Flowers In the Dirt record.  A good song, but again, a bit of silly remixing going on. The dog of the batch, however, must be “Spies Like Us”.  The title song to a forgettable Dan Ackroyd/Chevy Chase vehicle, not only is it not “Live And Let Die,” it’s not even “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough”.  Which leaves the quite lovely “Once Upon a Long Ago”, a forgotten gem used to pad the UK version of  Paul’s hits album All the Best (1987).

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  1. some tuff luv there. firm but fair. written by the fanboy all too aware of his hero’s failings. but i’m sure if i was reviewing these, the tone would be far more scathing.

  2. What I most object to is when the music sounds so faceless and poorly arranged that it could be any mid-80s middle of the road artist.

    But not Bananarama, they’re good.

  3. […] record library and not just The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles Hits sized ones. This much maligned (by me!) mid-80s Paul McCartney release, his 6th solo studio album, is just the sort of music that […]

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