The Black Swans – Words Are Stupid (St. Ives) (2010)

The Thrifty Vinyl guide to blagging new folk albums for free (see also) :

1) Befriend talented recording artist by being in a band artist likes and playing bass on his debut single, “Choir of Boys”.

2) Patiently wait a couple of years, all the while telling artist to stop being so idiosyncratic and sing more like Van Morrison or something until you listen to Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music enough to understand what artist is trying to do; admit you were wrong.

3) Try and fail to buy current album in UK, ask artist to please, please, please send a copy (since he set a precedent by giving you a vinyl copy of his previous record). Wait for your own sweet mother to mule a beautiful, hand printed Lp all the way from the States. Slap on turntable and enjoy an earthy, narcoleptic, passive/aggressive drone sung in a choked whisper.

Or alternatively, just buy it here. Or here. Or elsewhere, probably.

Jerry sometimes tours the UK.  If you’re lucky, you can put him up for the night; he is a sweet guy and an excellent conversationalist.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. […] from the American South, his tenor is quiet-strong, but not hushed (as opposed to Tindersticks or Black Swans, both of whom share Mickey’s kind of darkness). Newbury’s appegiated acoustic leads the […]

  2. […] project turned out to be a lilting, roots rock 7″ vinyl split single with mutual friend Jerry DeCicca, an ambitious video diptych representing both songs and…a balaclava. You can read more about […]

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